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Monday, July 27, 2009

How do you Make Money Online?

How do you make money online?

Here's what ya do...there are many sites out there that are free to sign up and you do ACTUALLY get a pay check from them. No cost to sign up! Right now, I am currently using "Deal Barbie Pays" & "Cash Pirate." I have tried other sites and it seems they take longer to credit, and you don't get paid as much as you do at "Deal Barbie Pays" & "Cash Pirate." Also at DBP they hold contests where you can win the Jack Pot for the week, or you can earn extra cash by signing others up under you[referrals]. There are so many OTHER ways to earn money than just by doing the surveys.

Why sign up with me?

I am not going to lie, when you make you make money, I make a lot of money. So why not do it together? I am willing to teach you everything I know, help you in any way I can, and give you LOTS of helpful TIPS on how to do the surveys, to get them to credit and make some money.

On this blog I will post helpful TIPS to help guide you along. I will also post the Surveys I have done, when I did them, and when they credited. So far I have received 2 payments from Deal Barbie Pays and 1 payments from Cash Pirate. The payments are instantly deposited into my paypal account. My daughter also belongs to both sites and has received payments from them. They are legit survey sites. On some of the other sites I tried I never even got to $20 in a month. So this helps keep me motivated. There is a $5 sign up bonus.


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