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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mama Mails & License-2-Click

Mama Mails & License-2-Click are both Paid-to-Click sites. Basically all you have to do is click on the ads and you earn cash. Will you make hundreds and hundreds of dollars, no...can you use the money to gain referrals to other GPT sites or traffic to your blogs, yes.


Deal Barbie Pays. Since June I have received 2 payments.

Cash Pirate. Since I started in July I have only received 1 payment.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Are your Offers getting DENIED?

Occasionally an offer won't give you credit after completing it. Don't panic! So what do you do about the ones that are being denied? Here is a list of possible reasons for why they are being denied:

1. You didn't clear your cookies. Once you complete an offer by a sponsor, your information will stay in their system. Try clearing your cookies (for IE - Tools, Internet Options, Delete Cookies) and see if the offer confirmes for you the next time around.

2. You didn't let the pages load completely. You can't skip through the offer too quickly. Each page has to load completely. Don't go to the next page until your browser says the page is done loading.

3. Your browser doesn't have cookies enabled. Make sure to enable cookies. To do this using IE, go to Tools, Options, Privacy, Accept All Cookies.

4. You used fake information. Make sure the phone number, address, and email are real. If you really aren't comfortable giving out your phone number and address, use the information of a local company in the phone book. The most important thing is to always use a real email address. Don't use a personal email of yours. Create new ones to use for your offers. [try to set up new email address]

5. Create a new email! This is one of the most important things to try if an offer isn't crediting. A lot of the time, your email will already be stored in the sponsor's system from a previous offer so you must use a new one. This strategy works very well for me and others I have talked to.

These are just some reasons an offer might not credit. Of course, not every offer can be completed. Sometimes they just simply won't credit and there's no explanation for it. Don't let it get you down! Deal Barbie Pays is always adding new offers and most of them are more likely to credit than not.

RECOMMENDED Offers to Start with

The offers which I would recommend starting with are as follows. You might want to sort the offers by name so you can find them quicker:

1. ArcaMax - These offers aren't worth much, but all you have to do is enter your email and click the confirmation link in an email they send, so it only takes about 30 seconds to complete.

2. Eversave - These offers are very reliable. Usually you'll just have to enter your information on the first page, then you'll receive many offers on the following pages, and all you have to do is click Skip to all of them until you reach the last page. Once you've reached the end, you should receive credit for them.

3. Quiz Jungle- These offers usually credit farely quickly. All you have to do is answer the questions in the beginning, and go through until you get to the results page.

4. RRG- These offers confirmed for me instantly. All you do is fill out the information, and make sure you are using different email address for each one you complete. WAIT 2 MINUTES before hitting submit. These should credit for you!

5. TAO- Same as RRG. Fill out the information, WAIT 2 MINUTES before hitting submit. These should also credit for you!

Helpful TIPS

The first thing you should do after signing up on a survey is go to the "Forum" and read some of the things other users have posted they also have a lot of helpful tips, and they are usually willing to help you in anyway you need. [Some survey sites do not have forums.]


--Go to "Offers" then "All Ofers" there will be a Scroll that has all the offers that are available to you
--Next you will click on the offer that you are interested in and it will show you "cash" & "signs" which is how much you will earn for doing that survey and how many signs you will get. Signs are like reward points that you can use for other things through DBP.

-EXAMPLES on "How to Complete an Offer"-

--Email Submit- Submit your email address on the first page of the survey.
--Zip Submit- Submit your zip code on the first page of the survey.
--Complete Registration- Complete the 2nd or 3rd page that includes all your info [address, phone number, email etc.]
--Complete Survey- Complete the Survey until you get to the "prize" or "thank you" page.
--None- same as complete the survey


--Once you have completed the requirements of an offer you will need to come back to the site to submit it.
--Offers that have a box to submit your email address. Please submit the exact email or you used on THAT offer.
--If an offer requires a confirmation email you will need to copy & paste it from the email you received. You will know because there will be a little white box below the offer.


--Clear your cookies in between every offer.To do so in Internet Explorer-
Go to Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies
--Clear your temporary internet files before starting offers.
To do so in Internet Explorer-Go to Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files
--Turn off your firewall, Norton, or other security programs. These programs can often block cookies that are used to track credit for offers.
--Make sure you only use an email address once for offers from the same company.
Example- If you used on a Eversave offer you may not use that email address on another Eversave offer. You will need to create another email address.
--Make sure your computer is set to accept cookies. The first thing you should do is check your Privacy settings. To do so in Internet Explorer-Go to Tools > Internet Options > then click on the Privacy TabYou should see a slider bar. Drag the slider bar so it displays Accept All Cookies as your privacy setting. Then click the Advanced tab and UNCHECK "Override automatic cookie handling", if it is checked.
--You should not use your 'private' email address. You will receive alot of 'spam' messages.


1. Use an email that you don't care about because you will be receiving A LOT of spam. I recommend using to sign up for different emails.

2. Always be sure to let every page load completely. If you skip a page while it's still loading, you might not get credited.

3. A lot of offers are sponsored by the same program such as Brandarama or Eversave. IMPORTANT!!!!! - Make sure your browser has cookies enabled and be sure to clear your cookies frequently. If you don't clear cookies, they might not credit you for offers because they will see your information in the system and think you've completed that offer already.

4. Brandarama are some of the hardest offers to complete. I would definitely suggest using new emails frequently with these as your chances of receiving credit will increase.

5. If you don't get credit for an offer, try using a different browser. I typically use Firefox, but there have been times where an offer wouldn't credit for me, so I will switch to Internet Explorer and then it would credit.

6. Sometimes it's a good idea to check your email after completing an offer. There might be a confirmation email from the offer you completed that you must click on in order to get the credit.

How do you Make Money Online?

How do you make money online?

Here's what ya do...there are many sites out there that are free to sign up and you do ACTUALLY get a pay check from them. No cost to sign up! Right now, I am currently using "Deal Barbie Pays" & "Cash Pirate." I have tried other sites and it seems they take longer to credit, and you don't get paid as much as you do at "Deal Barbie Pays" & "Cash Pirate." Also at DBP they hold contests where you can win the Jack Pot for the week, or you can earn extra cash by signing others up under you[referrals]. There are so many OTHER ways to earn money than just by doing the surveys.

Why sign up with me?

I am not going to lie, when you make you make money, I make a lot of money. So why not do it together? I am willing to teach you everything I know, help you in any way I can, and give you LOTS of helpful TIPS on how to do the surveys, to get them to credit and make some money.

On this blog I will post helpful TIPS to help guide you along. I will also post the Surveys I have done, when I did them, and when they credited. So far I have received 2 payments from Deal Barbie Pays and 1 payments from Cash Pirate. The payments are instantly deposited into my paypal account. My daughter also belongs to both sites and has received payments from them. They are legit survey sites. On some of the other sites I tried I never even got to $20 in a month. So this helps keep me motivated. There is a $5 sign up bonus.