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Monday, July 27, 2009

Are your Offers getting DENIED?

Occasionally an offer won't give you credit after completing it. Don't panic! So what do you do about the ones that are being denied? Here is a list of possible reasons for why they are being denied:

1. You didn't clear your cookies. Once you complete an offer by a sponsor, your information will stay in their system. Try clearing your cookies (for IE - Tools, Internet Options, Delete Cookies) and see if the offer confirmes for you the next time around.

2. You didn't let the pages load completely. You can't skip through the offer too quickly. Each page has to load completely. Don't go to the next page until your browser says the page is done loading.

3. Your browser doesn't have cookies enabled. Make sure to enable cookies. To do this using IE, go to Tools, Options, Privacy, Accept All Cookies.

4. You used fake information. Make sure the phone number, address, and email are real. If you really aren't comfortable giving out your phone number and address, use the information of a local company in the phone book. The most important thing is to always use a real email address. Don't use a personal email of yours. Create new ones to use for your offers. [try to set up new email address]

5. Create a new email! This is one of the most important things to try if an offer isn't crediting. A lot of the time, your email will already be stored in the sponsor's system from a previous offer so you must use a new one. This strategy works very well for me and others I have talked to.

These are just some reasons an offer might not credit. Of course, not every offer can be completed. Sometimes they just simply won't credit and there's no explanation for it. Don't let it get you down! Deal Barbie Pays is always adding new offers and most of them are more likely to credit than not.

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